Since the end of 2009 our group exists at the Institute of Theoretical Informatics. Our main research question is the practical application of logic, formal methods, specification and verification in software engineering.

Research Topics

  • Formal methods in software engineering
  • Specification and verification
  • Automated deduction in classical and non-classical logics


CVE-2016-6313: Critical bug found in PRNG (August 2016)

CVE-2016-6313 - Critical bug in the GnuPG/Libgcrypt PRNG found with the help of the Entroposcope tool, developed by Felix Dörre and Dr. Vladimir Klebanov as part of the DeduSec project within the RS³ priority programme. The paper describing how Entroposcope works will be presented at ACM CCS 2016 in Vienna this October.

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